What to do with Quince?

When my husband and I moved into our home two years ago, these quince were not doing so well. With a little love they are now blooming like crazy. They bloom in late winter, but their fruit is not ready to pick until fall. Last year these bushes produced a total of about 6 quince fruits. Quince have the consistency of an apple, but are apparently very bitter unless cooked. I say “apparently” because I never got around to trying them last year. I have promised myself to try one this year. I think I’ll make a quince tatain with puff pastry.

The color of these quince looks like a bridesmaid dress I once wore. I like the color on the quince much better.

These particular quince are the “bush” variety (as opposed to the tree variety) and are quite small–about the size of a plum.

The fruit from these quince are a light apple-green color