Hey all! I’m taking a break from the blog till after Thanksgiving. I’ll return with some delicious pics of my holiday in Destin, Florida where we still cook turkey but nobody really cares how it comes out. I love that. Anyway, in the meantime, you should take a break from cooking too and, if you live in the Birmingham area, order up most or all of your Thanksgiving dinner from Food Studio B. I have had Sean Butler’s food, and I will tell you it is UN-MATCHED. Do yourself a favor and don’t lift a finger next week. Let Sean do the work for you…I promise you that you will not be disappointed, and no one will yell at you because you burned the beans or the turkey was dry.

Food Studio B Holiday Menu

Please order by November 22 (that’s Sunday).

Call 205-981-8002 or 205-965-3682 or email

And Happy Thanksgiving!